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With a prom dress collection unlike any other, Premiere Couture offered the best prom experience in the area for YEARS. Our prom girls made it awesome because they were the best! With vibrant energy, beauty, and fun they breathed fresh life into our boutique every season.

Then the pandemic hit and prom was lost.

Like the rest of the world, Premiere Couture had to do some serious pivoting to come out of the pandemic better and stronger than ever and we succeeded. In the fall of 2022 we opened the new location for Premiere Couture's amazing bridal boutique. Now it's time to turn the spotlight onto Prom 2023. You are going to love the fresh, new, exciting, exclusive, and super special prom experience that we have unveiled. Every dress is unique, every dress is 30% off, and no appointments are necessary.
It's time to love prom.

Paul Gero Prom Quartet copy.png
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